undervisning kirurgi
Photo: Oskar Lindwall

Teaching, training and assessment of surgical skills, using human cadavers

Research project
Active research
Project size
5 749 000
Project period
2021 - 2024
Project owner
Department of Applied Information Technology

Short description

The project is an interdisciplinary collaboration between researchers from education, medicine and communication. The overall purpose is to investigate systematic practices used for teaching and assessing manual skills in cadaver-based surgical training programs. More specifically, the project aims to: a) determine the affordances and trade-offs of human cadavers for surgical training; b) specify the organization of instruction in relation to cadaver-based training and explore the impact of a specific instructional model; and c) validate reliable methods for assessing surgical skills using video recordings of surgical performance. The project contributes with general knowledge about the teaching and assessment of manual skills, and specific knowledge about the use of donated human bodies and defined instructional models for such training.