University of Gothenburg
research education

Doctoral Studies

Our doctoral education focuses on the digitalisation of society. It is multifaceted and encompasses various aspects of the use of information technology, in different contexts at both individual, organizational and social levels.

As a doctoral student, you are expected to contribute to the development of theories and concepts to describe, understand and develop the use of information technology, and to design innovative applications in various fields. If you are accepted, you will belong to one of the department's research groups, which means that you will be introduced to the national and international research community.

Cross-disciplinary collaborations with researchers in other disciplines, as well as contacts with companies and organizations, provide good conditions for a ongoing career both within and outside the academy. You will from the start of your studies practice active research work and scientific publishing, and you are encouraged to participate in various national or international conferences and research collaborations.

By participating in seminars, conferences and scientific discussions, you develop your ability to acquire knowledge, develop ideas and defend them, and to write, critically review, and publish scientific texts.