University of Gothenburg
researchers look at a robot
Researchers Wolmet Barendregt and Sofia Serholt in collaboration with a robot of the Nao type.

Our research

The research at the department is focused on the digitalisation of society. We examine and explain how digital surveillance, digital innovation, blockchain, IT in school, social media, e-Health, cognitive science, communication, IoT, digital management and Artificial Intelligence affect us as individuals, as groups, how it affects companies, organizations, the public and the school system.

The research often takes place in collaboration with companies or public organizations and has a high relevance for business, public administration and the society at large. The department's various research groups have a broad collaboration with other parts of University of Gothenburg as well as with other universities and colleges, nationally and internationally. The work is largely interdisciplinary and contains several disciplines. The work is done on and between the various departments as well as in the units connected to the department.

Urban Safety and Societal Security Research Center