University of Gothenburg
house patricia
Teachers and researchers are located on level 3 and 4 in house Patricia, Forskningsgången 6, Lindholmen.
Photo: Peter Larsson


The department has five divisions, out of which four are working with research and education and one with technical and administrative support.

Cognition and Communication

Division research and education includes communication, Artificiell Intelligence (AI) and machine learning. Read more.

Human-computer interaction

The division carries out various types of design research and analytical studies of empirical conditions, including a wide range of research objects, perspectives and methods. Read more.


We are Sweden’s strongest information systems/informatics environment, with a clear focus on academic excellence and societal value. Read more.

Learning, Communication and IT

The division is multidisciplinary and consists of researchers from pedagogy, computer science, linguistics, informatics, and applied IT, jointly exploring the possibilities and consequences of IT in education, learning and knowing. Read more.

Professional support

Technical and administrative staff within the areas of study guidance and administration, economy, HR and communication. Read more.