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University of Gothenburg

Department of Applied Information Technology

Contact information

Visiting address
Forskningsgången 6
417 56 Göteborg
Shipping address
Göteborgs universitet Forskningsgången 6
Inst. för tillämpad informationsteknologi
417 56 Göteborg

Head of Department
Johan Magnusson, acting HoD

Vice-Head of Department
Marie Eneman, acting Vice-HoD

Deputy-Head of Department
Johan Lundin, responsible for research and doctoral studies
Alan Said, responsible for undergraduate and postgraduate studies

Head of Division
Alexander Almér, Div. of Cognition and Communication
Nadja Johansson, Div. of Professional Support
Charlott Sellberg, Div. of Learning, Communication and IT
Tomas Lindroth, Div. of Informatics
Alexandra Weilenmann, Div. of Human Computer interaction

Peter Larsson
Phone: +(0)73-079 1172

Study guidance

Phone: +46 (0)31-786 5964

Study administration
+46 (0)31-786 2916 or +46 (0)31-786 2762