University of Gothenburg

Contract education at the Department of Applied IT

As a business, organization or public service, you can buy contract education from the university, to strengthen and develop your co-workers skills.

How does it work?

  • The contract education can be tailored according to your needs and wishes, or be carried out within an existing course. Together in dialogue, we come up with a plan, or assess whether the training can take place within the regular course offering.
  • The contract education shall normally not comprise more than 60 consecutive higher education credits.
  • Education is given at basic or advanced level.
  • The education includes examination elements.
  • Participants who do not have basic eligibility for university studies can participate and receive university credits through the education.
  • The education can be designed as a credit-based course and, in other words, gives higher education credits after completing the examination. It can also be designed as, for example, continuing education or management development and then does not give university credits.
  • Municipalities, authorities and other legal organizations can buy contract education, but not private individuals or individual companies.