Gergely Katona


Department of Chemistry & Molecular
Visiting address
Medicinaregatan 9C
41390 Göteborg
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Postal address
Box 462
40530 Göteborg

About Gergely Katona

Crystallographic investigations usually focus on the resting state of proteins. The technical limitation of this technique makes it difficult to study proteins and enzymes at work. Chemical and physical triggering and trapping techniques allow the investigation of reacting enzyme at different intermediate states. Once stabilized, these states can be studied with different X-ray techniques. The benefit of these studies is on one hand the development of the techniques which can be used for studying enzymes engaged in catalytic activity and on the other hand the results contribute to a better understanding of how a specific enzyme functions. You can find more information about Gergely's research at

Gergely is the course coordinator for the course "Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics" (KEM360). KEM360 has biophysical methods in focus (crystallography, SAXS, NMR, EM, vibration spectroscopy) and develops the skills to conduct research in integrated structural biology. Students have the opportunity to visit MaxIV and gain practical experience with electron microscopy and NMR.

Gergely also teaches in the courses:

  • KEM350 (Design and Production of Biomolecules),
  • KEM011 (Basic Chemistry),
  • KER210 (Analytical pharmaceutical chemistry),
  • KER220 (General pharmaceutical chemistry),
  • KEM131 (Colloid and Surface Chemistry) and
  • KMB056 (Molecular Biotechnology).

Gergely supervises doctoral students, Master and Bachelor students, with training focus on method development and universal skills to conduct independent research.

Gergely reviews applications to the iNEXT network and beamlines at EMBL Hamburg. Gergely participates in a LINXS working group (