Gunnar Nyman


Department of Chemistry & Molecular
+46 31-772 34 99
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Kemigården 4
412 96 Göteborg
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Kemigården 4
412 96 Göteborg

About Gunnar Nyman


My research interest is in theoretical and computational treatments of chemical reaction kinetics and dynamics, both in gas phase and condensed phase. I am particularly interested in quantum effects and if these can be described by methods originating in classical mechanics.

 A particular focus of my research is on processes that occur in interstellar molecular clouds, i.e. the birthplaces of new stars. In these environments it is often very cold and the pressure is extremely low compared to our atmosphere. Most of the material is in the gas phase, but roughly 1% of the mass is found as small grains, on the order of a micrometer in size. We investigate molecule formation in these environments by theoretical methods. We are particularly interested in molecule formation by radiative association and diffusion and absorption of small molecules on interstellar ices.