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Master's Programme in Social Work and Human Rights

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Kort om programmet

Would you like to acquire a degree in Social Work and Social Theory? In addition to deepening your knowledge in Human Rights? Maybe your goal is to work within an international organization or network, where the Human Rights perspective is a valued skill. Do you wish to pursue a PhD in Social Work or conduct research as part of your career? If you have a Bachelor´s Degree in Social Work or a closely related subject, the Master´s Programme in Social Work and Human Rights could be the right opportunity for you.

Om utbildningen

About the programme

This two-year international master’s programme focuses on the intersection between social work and human rights. By intertwining the two fields, the aim is to provide you as a student with a unique perspective on human rights issues and social development in all levels of society.

Integrating human rights knowledge with social work provides the opportunity for you to approach a career where you work towards policy change and social justice. The programme also prepares you for future PhD studies.


The programme is offered to both foreign and Swedish students with different educational backgrounds closely related to Social Work and Human Rights. All courses are taught in English.

Programme structure

The master’s programme in Social Work and Human Rights is shared by the Department of Social Work and the School of Global Studies. The first three semesters are divided into two separate modules, one followed by the other. The fourth semester is dedicated to a research project which you will present in a master´s thesis.

1st year

  • Social Work and Welfare Systems, 15 ECTS
  • Human Rights: An Interdisciplinary Approach, 15 ECTS
  • Globalisation, Poverty and International Social Work, 15 ECTS
  • Social Work Practice and Professionalization, 15 ECTS

2nd year

  • Social Work, Service Users' Participation and Organization, 15 ECTS
  • Research Theories and Methods, 15 ECTS
  • Degree Report, 30 ECTS

Ongoing application round

Selection results of the international admission round are published on March 30, 2023. You reply to your offer by answering the department after receiving the welcome letter. The department will announce the last day to reply. In the second national/Europpean admission round, the first results are published on July 12 (reply required, register your reply in your account in or and the second round in that application round is published on July 27 (no reply required).

Admissions (autumn 2023)

There are two application rounds. International applicants apply in the first application round. Swedish applicants and applicants who do not need a visa for studies can apply in the second application round.

First application round

The application period opens October 16, 2022.
The application is submitted at:
Application deadline for this round is January 16, 2023.


You need to support your application with formal documents, sent in by post/submitted digitally.

Supporting documents include certified copies of:
•    BA degree in original language
•    BA degree in English
•    Official transcripts in original language
•    Official transcripts in English
•    Results from TOEFL, IELTS or other accepted English test 

You also need to submit a copy of your passport, but it does not need to be certified.

Second application round

The application period opens March 15, 2023.
The application is submitted at
Application deadline for this round is April 17, 2023.

Behörigheter och urval


A Bachelor's Degree in Social Work, or a Bachelor's Degree in related topics. Applicants must prove their knowledge of English: English 6/English B from Swedish Upper Secondary School or the equivalent level of an internationally recognized test, for example TOEFL, IELTS.


Students with a degree in Social Work and/or Human Rights are favored in competition with students with degrees in related subjects. (This only applies to students from countries where it is possible to obtain a degree in Social Work and/or Human Rights.)

Efter studierna

Possibilities after a degree of Science in Social Work and Human Rights can vary a lot. Some of our former students now work in international organizations, such as the UN and EU institutions.  Some work within social work at national level authorities or in NGO´s. The programme aims at creating a platform for the international job market within bigger organizations in social work and human rights. It is also an excellent base for PhD studies.

Så är det att plugga


Students of the programme studies in various forms during their programme. Lectures, seminars and study visits are combined with group work and individual assignments. A five week long field placement is included intending for an understanding of social work in its context - being in a Swedish organization, authority or perhaps in an organization abroad.