Karolina Lindén

Universitetslektor, biträdande

Reproduktiv och perinatal
Arvid wallgrens backe hus 1 och 2
41346 Göteborg
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40530 Göteborg

Om Karolina Lindén

Karolina Lindén är barnmorska och filosofie doktor i Vårdvetenskap och docent i reproduktiv och perinatal hälsa. Hon är legitimerad sjuksköterska samt legitimerad barnmorska. Hon undervisar i huvudsak på barnmorskeprogrammet, men även vid sjuksköterskeprogrammet, på den kompletterande utbildningen för sjuksköterskor från land utanför EU samt vid fristående kurser inom omvårdnad och reproduktiv och perinatal hälsa på avancerad nivå. Karolina Lindéns undervisning innefattar färdighetsträning vid kliniskt träningscentrum (KTC).

Karolina Linden is a midwife, and an associate professor in reproductive and perinatal health, at University of Gothenburg, Sweden. Linden has a PhD in Health Care Sciences with the thesis “Women with type 1 diabetes during pregnancy and postpartum – well-being and diabetes management”. Her research revolves around women with added medical risk during pregnancy, birth and/or postpartum. Linden is particularly interested in PREM/PROM and specializes in measuring experiences with validated instruments in large population cohort studies and RCTs. She also uses qualitative methodology, mixed-design studies and performs systematic literature reviews. In 2021 Linden published a commentary in the Lancet. She is main supervisor to two PhD-students and co-supervisor to three. Linden has written a book chapter in a textbook for university students about transition to parenthood. Linden has been engaged as an expert in sexual, reproductive, and perinatal health by the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions. She is currently the primary investigator for one longitudinal national multi-center study, COPE Staff (www.snaks.se/cope-staff), and one international cohort study, What matters to mum?, a collaboration between Sweden and South Africa.