Dawn Sanders


Avdelningen ämnesdidaktik med inriktning naturvetenskap och teknik
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Om Dawn Sanders

Associate Professor


Research My doctoral dissertation (Sussex University, 2004) examined the educational role of botanic gardens. Increasingly, humans are an urban species. This demographic shift has implications for both individual and collective perceptions of nature. The world can no longer afford our citizens to see 'nothing' when they look at plants, the basis of most life on earth. I believe plant-based learning has a critical role to play in contemporary life.

Research Interests Plant-Based Learning Gardens as Learning Environments 19th Century Female Scientists, Darwin and Carnivorous Plant Science Darwin-Inspired Learning The Contemporary Affordances of Victorian Taxidermy Carnivorous Plant Science and the Literary Imagination

Teaching Teacher Education

International Masters in Educational Research Methods

Doctoral Methods courses

Keywords Plants, Outdoor Learning, Botanic Gardens, School Gardens, Plant Didaktiks,  Carnivorous Plants, Taxidermy, Literary Imagination.

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