Dawn Sanders

Senior Lecturer

Unit for Subject Matter Education with specialization in Science and Technology
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Läroverksgatan 15
41120 Göteborg
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B4 431b
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Box 300
40530 Göteborg

About Dawn Sanders

Associate Professor

Research I am working across the art/science interface and how such ways of working might allow us to create new attentional frames in teaching and learning contexts towards plants and notions of "plantness". My other main research interests involve a) the literary imagination as an extension of environmental aesth/ethics b) contemporary affordances of victorian taxidermy in natural history museums particularly in didactical contexts concerning life and death.

Current Research:

Beyond Plant Blindness: Seeing the Importance of Plants for a Sustainable World

Funding: The Swedish Research Council, Dnr 2014-2013 Period: 2015-2017 

Herbaria 3.0

Herbaria 3.0 uses the concept of the herbaria to provide historical context for exploring the lives of plants and their shared history with humans. As part of the project, our multi-disciplinary team has created an interactive website, collecting stories that address the question: “Where can a plant take you?”     Funding: Period:2016-2017  Seed Box research area: Multispecies stories    


Teacher Education (Biology Didactics)

International Masters in Educational Research Methods

PhD Methods Course 3 Course Leader

PhD (CUL) Bruner


Keywords Plants, 'plant blindness', Outdoor Learning, Botanic Gardens, School Gardens, Plant Didactics, Carnivorous Plants, Taxidermy, Literary Imagination, Aesthetics, Death, Affordances

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