STEPS - Advancing Sustainable Youth Performance Sport: an interdisciplinary research collaboration network

Research project
Active research
Project period
2022 - ongoing
Project owner
Institutionen för Kost- och Idrottsvetenskap,

Short description

The ambition of this initiative is to address the paucity in research on sustainable youth performance sport.

Purpose and aim of STEPS

The scientific purpose of this research collaboration is to advance the current state of knowledge on sustainable development of performance in and through organized youth sport by integrating multi-disciplinary, multi-paradigmatic, and practitioner perspectives in this research field. 

To reach our aim, we will:

  • establish a multi-disciplinary collaboration network with researchers who hold the expertise of relevance for the development of sustainable youth performance sport,
  • discuss the integration of multi-disciplinary and multi-paradigmatic knowledge on youth performance sport to create a common ground for joint research,
  • develop a research plan for sustainable development interventions in youth performance sport to prepare for joint research grant applications, and
  • establish a network with clubs and federations to collaboratively develop sustainable development interventions in selected sports.  

Looking for collaboration

In 2023 a set of meetings and activities aims to promote new collaborations and establish a more comprehensive network with stakeholders from all sectors interested in increased sustainability in youth performance sports.

To know more about participating in the project and the future network, please reach out to Astrid Schubring (Project leader). 


2022 - 05 - 06 Conceptualising sustainability

2022 - 09 - 30 Hybrid workshop 1: Youth & Maturity

2022 - 10  - 28 Hybrid workshop 2: Injury prevention

2022 - 11 - 24 Hybrid workshop 3: Learning Environments

2022 - 12 - 14 Hybrid workshop 4:  Healthy coach/athlete relastionship



Past activities

25/03/2022 Kick-off workshop: Conceptualising Sustainability: An interdisciplinary perspective on Youth Performance Sport

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