University of Gothenburg

Center for Health and Performance


The Center for Health and Performance (CHP) ceases to exist as a center as of 1 July 2023 and operations continue as part of the regular operations of the Department of Food and Nutrition and Sport Science. The information on the webpage will be revised accordingly and will successively be developed due to the strategic work to strengthen CHP as part of regular operations at the department.

At the Center for Health and Performance (CHP), research, education, innovation, and test activities are conducted in an interdisciplinary and practical approach, focusing on health and performance development. 

CHP's facility on Skånegatan Gothenburg is a 3500 m2 meeting place for researchers, teachers and students. This is the place where we collaborate with our partners, who come from the sports sector, public authorities, companies, and other research and educational institutions. 

At CHP it is not a question of choosing between the performance of athletes or physical activity for health. Instead, we take advantage of our collective knowledge and utilise research aimed to improve performance in physical activity and health or vice versa. For example, the methodological development on measuring Physical activity could be used to improve our testing of Athletes while the Test Center itself enables research into both healthy ageing and injury prevention of elite runners. In addition to this we also work together with Swedish and international companies to support their product development with our research around nutrition and biomechanics. 

Do you want to know more about CHP, our collaborations, the research we work on, and the possibilities of our test center please follow the links. Additional information could also be found on our Swedish web page Centrum för Hälsa och Prestationsutveckling (