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Research environment: Physical Activity, Health and Performance (PAHP)

Research group
Active research
Project owner
Center for Health and Performance, Department of Food and Nutrition, and Sport Science, Faculty of Education, University of Gothenburg Center for Health and Performance, Department of Molecular and Clinical Medicine, Sahlgrenska Academy, University of Got

Short description

This research environment encompass different research groups with topic such as physical activity and health, method development in accelerometry, injury prevention, biomechanics, sports performance, sports nutrition, training and match analysis, sports for health. It performs research in collaboration with other research groups, departments, faculties and universities nationally and internationally, as we as with sports organizations, health care and industry/companies. The research environment is connected to the Center for Health and Performance. The vision is to become a national competence center in precision health with physical activity.


  • Professor Stefan Grau
  • Professor Mats Börjesson
  • Associate Professor Daniel Arvidsson
  • Professor Stefan Lindinger
  • Professor emeritus Claes Annerstedt
  • Senior lecturer Stefan Pettersson
  • Senior lecturer Dan Fransson
  • Postdoc Andreas Caspers
  • Postdoc Jonatan Jungmalm
  • PhD student Jonatan Fridolfsson
  • PhD student Frida Nilsson
  • PhD student Pia Skovdahl
  • PhD student Pia Desai
  • PhD student Tania Nilsson
  • PhD student Matilda Lundblad
  • PhD student Eleonor Svantesson
  • MSc student/research assistant Fredrik Edin
  • Research assistant Klara Boije af Gennäs
  • Research assistant Mikael Gustafsson
  • Project coordinator Daniel Wennerlund