FRESH – Frail Elderly Support Research Group

Research group

Short description

The aim is to study measures to support ageing well at home and broaden our understanding of the concept of frailty, to contribute to the understanding of the frailty process among older people who are frail, and those at risk of developing frailty. The capability approach is a fundamental part of all projects, putting focus on people’s real opportunities people to achieve what that they have a reason to value, in relation to the resources they have at hand.

Based on mutual respect and the sharing of ideas, we as a research group apply user involvement in every step of the research. Our primary focus is older people’s voices are heard, but the voices of professionals will be given equal weight to the development of the programme under investigation with the goal to increase the relevance of research findings to the target groups.

Group members


Senior professor Synneve Dahlin-Ivanoff

Professor Maria Haak  

Professor Anna Dunér

Professor Sten Landahl

Professor emerita Ulla Svantesson

Docent Kajsa Eklund

Docent Katarina Wilhelmson

Docent Greta Häggblom Kronlöf

Doktor Daniela Castro de Jong

Forskare Lena Sandin Wrankler

Forskare Qarin Lood

Forskare Isabelle Andersson Hammar

Forskare Eva Holmgren

Forskare Theresa Westgård       

Projektassistent Katharina Sjöberg