Anna Dunér

About Anna Dunér

Areas of expertise Ageing and older people, formal and informal support networks for older people and people with disabilities, organizations and professions within social work with older people and people with disabilities.

Research; present and past projects

  • TalkingMats as decision aid to promote involvement in choice and decision-making around home care services for older people (65+) living with mild to moderate dementia. 2020 -
  • Hybrids between traditional family care and modern welfare policies – a study of personal assistance provided by family members to persons with disabilities. 2013-2016.
  • DESIDE – Decision-making by, about and for older people who need social care: prerequisites and barriers to well-being and autonomy. In collaboration with Department of psychology, University of Gothenburg. 2013-2016.
  • Collaboration in team – in the users’ best interest? Multi-professional teams in health, social care and rehabilitation for older people. 2007-2012
  • Life circumstances for persons with mental disability. 2005-2011
  • Formal and informal care for older people who can no longer manage on their own. 2002-2007

Teaching Teaching experience on basic and advanced levels. PhD supervision.

Roles and afficiations 2014 – AGECAP, Center for Capability in Aging - University of Gothenburg