Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment for Frail Older People in Swedish Acute Care Settings (CGA-Swed)

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Institute of Neuroscience and Physiology

FORTE, ALF, Regionala FoU, Konung Gustaf V:s och Drottning Victorias Frimurarestiftelse

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The aim is to evaluate if Comprehensive Geriatric Asessment (CGA) in Swedish acute hospital care leads to
1) maintained independence in daily activities, functional level, health related quality of life and life satisfaction
2) increased satisfaction with care and reduced healthcare consumption.
The study is a randomized controlled trial, which targets people who are 75 years and older who seek acute hospital care (1, 2). Inclusion of participants started in March 2016 and the last follow-up was completed in January 2020. CGA comprises care in a geriatric ward, by a multidisciplinary team who do a holistic assessment of the frail older person’s needs, provide care and treatment during the hospital stay, and plan for discharge. Through this way of working, frail older people could receive care that is adapted to their needs (3). 


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