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Health promotion for older persons: Elderly persons in the risk zone (ÄIR) and older persons born abroad (PAMC)

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Institute of Neuroscience and Physiology

Short description

Health promotion for older people consists of two completed projects; Health promotion for elderly person at risk (ÄIR) and health promotion for older people born abroad (PAMC), both projects with the primary purpose of evaluating whether a health promotion intervention can prevent and delay deterioration in daily activities and frailty. The Health promotion for elderly person at risk (ÄIR) project was completed in 2012. The study has contributed to knowledge of how to work health promotive with those at risk of becoming frail. This knowledge has then been used to develop the health promotion project for older person from Finland, and the Western Balkans. That project was completed in 2018. Five dissertations and about 30 articles have been published in total within the projects. Both projects will be further described below.