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European researchers discussing during a CERGU seminar.
European researchers discussing during a CERGU seminar.

Seminar series

We hold regular series of seminars and workshops on interesting and exciting topics that attract big audiences. These are the core of our scholarly conversation, and are always open to the public. The seminars are given by the Department’s own staff as well as invited guests.


General Research Seminar (AFS)

The General Research Seminar is our joint seminar. It presents innovative research from all branches of political science and also from other subject areas of relevance to the development of political science as a subject.

CERGU Seminar

Centre for European Research at the University of Gothenburg (CERGU) gathers to discuss current European issues.

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GenDip Seminar

GenDip: Gender in Diplomacy organizes specialized seminars with researchers and conferences/workshops on the theme of gender and diplomacy.

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GEPOP Seminar

The Gothenburg Research Group on Elections, Public Opinion, and Political Behavior (GEPOP) organizes seminars that include presentations on research about how political systems influence elections, voter behavior, political parties, participation in politics, citizens’ opinions, the media, and political campaigns.

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GLD Research Seminar

Why are some societies able to provide safe and secure environments, good education, adequate health care, and other factors that promote human development while others fail to do so? The seminars at the Governance and Local Development Institute (GLD) focus on the local factors driving governance and development.

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IP Seminar

International politics (IP) includes the broad areas of foreign policy analysis, global governance, gender and international relations, transnational movements and international security. 

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Party Research Seminar

The Party Research Programme consists of a network of researchers with a special interest in political parties and party systems. 

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PAPP Seminar

Public Administration and Public Policy (PAPP) is about the capacities of politically elected bodies – the Swedish parliament (Riksdag), and municipal and county councils – to exercise governance. 

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QoG Lunch Seminar

These are seminars on the quality of government and the causes and effects of corruption. How are high-quality political institutions created and maintained? How do corruption and governance impact human health, the environment, social policy, and poverty?

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V-Dem Lunch Seminar

V-Dem seminars focus on questions of democracy. International researchers and parts of V-Dem’s global team present their research on issues such as violence in connection with elections in democratic countries, the stability of party systems in new democracies, and democratic and authoritarian regimes.

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