University of Gothenburg
Hot air balloons.
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The Swedish Research Council

A 'Robust Norden'? Studies of Cross-Border Crisis Management
The size of the project: 6,5 million SEK.
Researchers: Ulrika Möller (University of Gothenburg), Douglas Brommesson (Linnaeus), Rikard Bengtsson (Lund University), Johan Eriksson (Södertörn), and Kristin Haugevik (NUPI).

On the road again: The rise and decline of itinerant rule
The size of the project: 4,8 million SEK.
Researchers: Andrej Kokkonen University of Gotehnburg), Carl-Müller Crepon (London School of Economics), Clara Neupert Wentz (Aarhus University), Jørgen Møller (Aarhus University) and Anders Gammelhom Wieland (Aarhus University).

Sustaining state capacity in a modern state: Citizen-state relations and voluntary compliance in Sweden
The size of the project: 4,8 million SEK.
Researchers: Agnes Cornell, Rasmus Broms and Andrej Kokkonen.

Does advancing women’s empowerment lead to perceptions of threat? Research on who is threatened by women’s empowerment, under what conditions and why?
The size of the project: 3,8 million SEK.
Researchers: Nicholas Charron, Amy Alexander, and Gefjon Off (University of Lüneburg).

Riksbankens Jubileumsfond (RJ)

RJ Sabbatical
State Capacity, Democracy, and Current Global Challenges
The size of the project: 1,8 million SEK.
Researcher: Marina Nistotskaya.

An Epistemic Approach to the Justification of Public Coercion: Increasing the legitimacy by strengthening the argument quality
The size of the project: 1,2 million SEK.
Researcher: Henrik Friberg-Fernros.

The Swedish Research Council for Health, Working Life and Welfare

The Move of Men to the Right. Explaining shifting political gender gaps in Sweden 1956-2022
The size of the project: 3, 5 million SEK.
Researchers: Patrik Öhberg and Lena Wängnerud.

Funding from the EU

ERC Starting Grant

Fem-LEAD (Female Leadership and Effects from African Droughts)
The size of the project: 1,5 million euros.
Researcher: Aksel Sundström.


RESPOND – Rescuing Democracy from Political Corruption in Digital Societies
The size of the project: 363 000 euros.
Researchers: Marcia Grimes, Marina Nistotskaya and Frida Boräng

Fight Against Large-scale Corruption and Organised Crime Networks (FALCON)
The size of the project:  123 500 euros.
Researchers: Marina Nistotskaya and Carl Dahlström.


Measuring the quality of Government at the subnational level and comparing results with previous studies – rounds 5 and 6
The size of the project: 3,75 million euros.
Researchers: Nicholas Charron, Victor Lapuente and Monika Bauhr.

The Norweigan Research Council

REGEND (Re-gendering Diplomacy)
The size of the project: 12,6 million SEK.
Principal investigator: Ann Towns.