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Research grants

Here is a selection of research projects that have received funding in the autumn semester of 2022.

Funding from Formas

Household Emergency Preparedness: What drives people to (not) prepare for future societal and environmental crises?

The size of the project: 4,8 million SEK.
Principal investigator: Niklas Harring, Associate Professor.
Participating researcher: Magnus Bergquist, Department of Psychology, University of Gothenburg.

Identifying capacity shortages preventing a successful EU environmental policy

The size of the project: 3,9 miljoner million SEK.
Principal investigator: Olof Larsson, Researcher.
Participating researcher: Markus Johansson.


Funding from the Swedish Research Council

Integration at the Neighborhood Level: Cross-National Comparisons of Syrian Refugee Segregation

The size of the project: 5,1 million SEK.
Principal investigator: Kristen Kao, Researcher. 
Participating researchers: Jacob Sohlberg, University of Gothenbur and Karen Ferree, UC San Diego.

Pregnant under the pressure of a pandemic. Understanding why maternal and delivery healthcare varied in Sweden during the COVID-19 pandemic and assessing effects of variation on mother and child

The size of the project: 4,5 million SEK.
Principal investigator: Elin Naurin, Professor.

Political Change and Local Governance in Emerging Cities

The size of the project: 11,9 million SEK.
Principal investigator: Jeffrey Paller, Researcher.
Participating researcher: Ellen Lust.

No wo/man is an island. A social theory of economic voting

The size of the project: 3,9 million SEK.
Principal investigator: Maria Solevid, Associate Professor.
Participating researcher: Moa Frödin Gruneau.

Loss and Damage: Normative Perspectives on Compensation for Climate Harm

The size of the project: 1,8 million SEK.
Principal investigator: Göran Duus-Otterström, Professor.


Funding from Riksbankens Jubileumsfond

The Local Quality of Government (Lo-QoG) dataset: A hub for local societal indicators across Europe

The size of the project: 8,1 million SEK.
Principal investigator: Aksel Sundström, Associate Professor
Participating researcher: Marina Nistotskaya.
More information on Riksbankens Jubileumsfond's website 

Tracking the pulse of the people: The world values survey in South Africa

The size of the project: 2,8 million SEK.
Principal investigator: Amy Alexander, Associate Professor.
Participating researcher: Cindy Steenekamp, Stellenbosch University.
More information on Riksbankens Jubileumsfond's website 

A complete dataset of roll-call votes in the Swedish parliament, 1925-2022
The size of the project: 1,5 million SEK.
Principal investigator: Jan Teorell, Professor, Stockholm University.
Participating researchers: Carl Dahlström and Mikael Holmgren.


Funding from other financiers

Competing Authorities in the Middle East and North Africa
The size of the project: 244,000 USD.
Financier: The Hicham Alaoui Foundation
Principal investigator: Ellen Lust, Professor.

SIDA’s effort to reduce corruption in partner countries
The size of the project: 2 million SEK.
Financier: The Expert Group for Aid Studies (EBA).
Principal investigator: Marina Nistotskaya, Associate Professor.
Participating researchers: Anna Persson, Marcia Grimes, Adea Gafuri and Bo Rothstein, University of Gothenburg, and Michelle D’Arcy, Trinity College Dublin.

Re-gendering diplomacy (REGEND)
The size of the project: 12,6 million SEK.
Period: 4 years.
Financier: The Norwegian Research Council.
Principal investigator: Ann Towns, Professor.
Participating researchers: Halvard Leira and Benjamin de Carvalho, Norwegian Institute of International Affairs, Eirinn Larsen, University of Oslo and Bahar Rumelili, Koc University.

The importance of physical and socio-political factors for wind power deployment
The size of the project: 15 million SEK.
Financier: The Swedish Energy Agency.
Principal investigator: Niklas Harring, Associate Professor.
Participating researchers: Fredrik Hedenus, Chalmers University of Technology, and Simon Matti, Luleå University of Technology.