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International Politics

Research group
Pågående forskning
Project owner
Department of Political Science

Short description

We are a relatively small group of active researchers with an interest in international politics. Over recent years, our research interests have included the broad areas of foreign policy analysis, global governance, gender and international relations, transnational movements and international security. More specially, we have discussed issues of foreign policy leadership, gender and diplomacy, the relationship of states to the UN, trends in public opinion on international policy questions, and security and defence policy, including NATO and the EU.

Research Themes:

  • Leadership and foreign policy analysis
  • Gender and diplomacy
  • US foreign policy
  • Swedish foreign and security policy
  • International environmental policy
  • Party politics and foreign policy
  • NATO and European security
  • Humanitarian intervention
  • The future of the liberal world order

The Department of Political Science has a regular series of seminars on international politics, which meet throughout the academic year (specialseminarium). We welcome colleagues with an interest in international politics from cognate departments including History, School of Global Studies, Economics, etc.



Lisbeth Aggestam, Senior Lecturer

Ulf Bjereld, Professor

Ann-Marie Ekengren, Professor

Adrian Hyde-Price, Professor

Anne-Kathrin Kreft, Postdoctor

Ulrika Möller, Senior Lecturer

Ann Towns, Professor