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International Politics

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Department of Political Science

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We are a group of active researchers with an interest in international politics. Over recent years, our research interests have included the broad areas of foreign policy analysis, global governance, gender and international relations, transnational movements and international security. More specially, we have discussed issues of foreign policy leadership, gender and diplomacy, the relationship of states to the UN, trends in public opinion on international policy questions, and security and defence policy, including NATO and the EU.

Research areas

  • Leadership and foreign policy analysis
  • Gender and diplomacy
  • Hierarchies, order and norms in international politics
  • US foreign policy
  • Swedish foreign and security policy
  • International environmental policy
  • Party politics and foreign policy
  • NATO and European security
  • Humanitarian interventions
  • The future of the liberal world order
  • Leadership and the EU's foreign policy collaborations
  • Diaspora and foreign policy.

Series of seminars

The Department of Political Science has a regular series of seminars on international politics, which meet throughout the academic year, the IP Seminar.

For more information, please see the calendar on our website.


Lisbeth Aggestam, Senior Lecturer

Ulf Bjereld, Professor

Ann-Marie Ekengren, Professor

Adrian Hyde-Price, Professor

Anne-Kathrin Kreft, Postdoctor

Magnus Lundgren, Senior Lecturer

Ulrika Möller, Senior Lecturer

Ann Towns, Professor.

The latest publications


Bjereld, Ulf och Ann-Marie Ekengren (2023). Internationella relationer. Perspektiv på konflikt och samarbete i världspolitiken. Stockholm: Liber förlag. Fjärde upplagan.

Ekengren, Ann-Marie and Ulrika Möller (eds.) (2023). The Quest for Power in the UNSC: The Campaigns and Selection of Non-permanent Members. Brill/Nijhoff. 

Ekengren, Ann-Marie och Brommesson, Douglas (red.) (2022). Sverige i världen. Om utrikespolitiskt beslutsfattande. Malmö: Gleerups. Fjärde upplagan.

Jepsen, H., Lundgren, M., Monheim, K., Walker, H. (2021). Negotiating the Paris Agreement: The Insider Stories. Cambridge University Press.

Stern, Maria and Ann Towns (eds.) (2022). Feminist IR Traditions in Europe. Palgrave.

Book chapters

Aggestam, Lisbeth (2021). Role theory and the study of leadership in EU external action. In S. Gstöhl and S. Schunz (eds). The External Action of the European Union: Concepts, Approaches, Theories. Macmillan International.

Brommesson, Douglas, Ann-Marie Ekengren and Anna Michalski (2022). Sweden's Policy of Neutrality. Success through Flexibility?. In de la Porte, Caroline et al. (eds). Successful Public Policy in the Nordic Countries. Cases, Lessons, Challenges. Oxford: Oxford University Press.


Beaumont, Paul and Ann Towns (2021). The Rankings Game: A Relational Approach to Country Performance Indicators. International Studies Review, 1-28.

Brommesson, Douglas, Ann-Marie Ekengren and Anna Michalski (2023). From variation to convergence in turbulent times – foreign and security policy choices among the Nordics 2014–2023. European Security.

Di Salvatore, J., Lundgren, M., Oksamytna K., and Smidt, H (2022). Introducing the Peacekeeping Mandates (PEMA) Dataset. Journal of Conflict Resolution.

Ekengren, Ann-Marie and Ulrika Möller (2021). Campaigning for the prize: The quests by Sweden and the Kingdom of the Netherlands for Security Council Membership, 2017–2018. The Hague Journal of Diplomacy, 16, 1-26.

Koliev, F and Lundgren, M (2021). Visiting the hegemon: Explaining diplomatic visits to the United States. Research & Politics.

Kreft, Anne-Kathrin, Birgitta Niklasson, and Ann E. Towns (2022). Do gender patterns in diplomacy disappear over time?. European Journal of Politics and Gender 5(3):279-302.

Lundgren, M, Tallberg, J, Wasserfallen, F. (2023). Differentiated Influence by Supranational Institutions: Evidence from the European Union. European Journal of Political Research.

Lundgren, M, Sommerer, T, Squatrito, T, and Tallberg, J. (2023). Introducing the Intergovernmental Policy Output Dataset (IPOD). The Review of International Organizations.

Lundgren, M., Tallberg, J, Sommerer, T, and Squatrito, T. (2023). When are International Organizations Responsive to Policy Problems?. International Studies Quarterly.

Lundgren, M, Svensson, I., & Karakus, D. (2023). Local ceasefires and de-escalation: Evidence from the Syrian Civil WarJournal of Conflict Resolution.

Lundgren, M. & Klamberg M. (2022). Selective Attention: The United Nations Security Council and Armed Conflict. British Journal of Political Science.

Lundgren, M., Oksamytna, K., and Bove, V. (2021). Politics or Performance? Leadership Accountability in UN Peacekeeping. Journal of Conflict Resolution.

Lundgren, M., Oksamytna, K., and Coleman, K. (2021). Only as Fast as Its Troop Contributors: Incentives, Capabilities, and Constraints in the UN’s Peacekeeping Response. Journal of Peace Research.

Lundgren, M., Klamberg, M., Sundström, K., Dahlqvist, J. (2021). Emergency Powers in Response to Covid-19: Policy Diffusion, Democracy, and Preparedness. Nordic Journal of Human Rights.

Michalski, Anna, Douglas Brommesson and Ann-Marie Ekengren (2024). Small states and the dilemma of geopolitics: Role change in Finland and SwedenInternational Affairs.

Möller, Ulrika and Ann-Marie Ekengren (2024). Domestic Debate and International Office: Sweden in the UN Security Council 2017–18Foreign Policy Analysis, Vol 20 (1).

Niklasson, Birgitta and Ann E. Towns (2023). Diplomatic Gender Patterns and Symbolic Status Signaling: Introducing the GenDip dataset on gender and diplomatic representation. International Studies Quarterly 67(4).

Niklasson, Birgitta and Ann E. Towns (2022). Introduction: Approaching Gender and Ministries of Foreign Affairs. The Hague Journal of Diplomacy 17(3):339-369.

Niklasson, Birgitta and Ann E. Towns (2022). Editors of a special issue on gender and Ministries of Foreign Affairs in The Hague Journal of Diplomacy.

Oksamytna, Kseniya, Bove, Vincenzo, and Lundgren, Magnus (2021). Leadership selection in UN peacekeeping. International Studies Quarterly.

Sommerer, T, Squatrito, T, Tallberg, J, and Lundgren, M (2021). Decision-making in international organizations: institutional design and performance. Review of International Organizations.

Towns, Ann E. (2022). WAW, No Women? Foucault’s Reverse Discourse and Gendered Subjects in Diplomatic Networks. Global Society 36(3):347-67.

Tallberg, J, Lundgren, M., et al (2023). The Global Governance of Artificial Intelligence: Next Steps for Empirical and Normative ResearchInternational Studies Review.


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