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University of Gothenburg
Students in a class room their first day at the University.
A Master´s degree helps you to be more competitive in the international labour market.
Photo: Emelie Asplund

Study options

Our Master’s programmes are two-year programmes taught in close connection with the international research being conducted at the Department of Political Science. Our Master's programmes, as well as our Free Standing Courses, have a distinctively international profile.

In my opinion, what renders the programme one of the best at the University of Gothenburg is the extent of diversity in culture and background that exists within the programme. This is important because students can understand and analyze concepts and theories from several perspectives whiles sharing knowledge amongst themselves on the practicability of these ideas to their distinct cultures and background.

Joseph Akowuah
Joseph Akowuah, international student, Master's Programme in Political Science.

Courses for Exchange Students