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University of Gothenburg

GenDip: Gender and Diplomacy, Women in Diplomacy


The GenDip Program aims to identify and analyse the changing nature of gender in diplomacy. In the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, most diplomats were men. But in the twenty-first century, the proportion of women has increased markedly. What happens to diplomacy when women come onto the stage? How does this impact relations between states? These are just some of the more overarching questions that this research program seeks answers to.


The first book on the topic

Aggestam, Karin and Ann Towns (2018), The Gender Turn in Diplomacy: A New Research Agenda. International Feminist Journal of Politics.

  • First book on the topic of gender and diplomacy in the contemporary era
  • Promotes a novel research agenda on gender and diplomacy
  • Brings together leading scholars on gender, diplomacy and international negotiations