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Public Policy and Public Administration

Research group
Pågående forskning
Project owner
Department of Political Science

Short description

This research area is about the capacities of politically elected bodies – the Swedish parliament (Riksdag), and municipal and county councils – to exercise governance. For instance, research in this area might concern what role the structure of public administration plays, or what roles other institutions play, from a comparative perspective. Other questions concern the individual citizen’s relationships with the authorities and municipal or state government services; the creation, implementation and outcomes of public reform programmes; and the role of the regions in political governance.

The Public Administration and Public Policy Seminar (PAPP)

The Department of Political Science holds regular series of PAPP Seminars. The seminars are given by the Department’s own staff as well as invited guests.

Research group

Rasmus Broms
Daniel Carelli
Agnes Cornell
Carl Dahlström
Marica Grimes
Victor Lapuente
Birgitta Niklasson
Marina Nistotskaya
Jon Pierre
Helena Stensöta
Anders Sundell