University of Gothenburg

Inside the Box 2020

In the spring of 2020, six new episodes of the series Inside the Box will raise new exciting themes. This year the discussions will be moderated by Helen Arfvidsson (social anthropologist and curator at the Museum of World Culture), who together with researchers, writers, museum staff and artists will find out what is “inside the box”. Welcome!

Chilly expeditions

Expeditions to the Antarctic or the Arctic. This can inspire us to dream of adventure. But what was it like? Who traveled and why? What traces did the expeditions leave behind? And how do we describe the expeditions today? Meet archaeologist Jonathan Westin and Andrea Castro, professor in Spanish, who will all give different insights into expeditions as phenomenon. Episode in Swedish

Samurai and Jedi Knights, how do we want our heroes?

We talk about how myths and heroes of the past inspire contemporary films and find sources of inspiration for Star Wars in museum magazines.
Prof. Jonas Linderoth, University of Gothenburg, Olof Tiderman, Museum of Etnography, and Björn Lindgren, moderator. Episode in Swedish

Congo - who owns the country's history?

There are many items from Congo in Swedish museum collections. What stories does these items tell? How can texts, pictures and objects reveal a different story than the one we think we know? What do we do with the realization that "we own their history"? Meet Pia Lundqvist, historian, Josef Nsumbu, Pastor in Uniting Church in Sweden (Equmeniakyrkan) and Th.D. in Missiology, Michael Barrett, curator of the Ethnographic Museum and Cecilia Järdemar, artist in a talk on Congolese cultural heritage. Episode in Swedish

The Paracas textiles

The textiles are 2,500 years old, in very good condition and used as a sweep for the dead, who were seated in baskets wrapped in additional layers of textiles and placed in burial chambers. We talk breathtaking time perspectives, eternity and perishability with the textile artist Paradis Kerstin Gustafsson, textile scientist Cecilia Candreus and Bodil Jönsson, physicist and philosopher of time. Episode in Swedish

Superfood, food culture as activism

Grounded mummy or goji berries? How have we thought about health promoting food through the ages? What food has been political? We have invited food researcher Richard Tellström and Egyptologist Sofia Häggman to talk about something that is close to our hearts - food! Episode in Swedish

The boat to rescue

A fishing boat and some life jackets are displayed in the museum exhition. Objects that in a concrete way testify to people's experience of migration.
Psychologist Mustafa Hosseini and Helene Arfvidsson (moderator) talk about different experiences of unaccompanied girls and boys who fled Afghanistan to Sweden. Episode in Swedish