University of Gothenburg


Researchers from various disciplines contribute in the activities and research of Business & Design Lab.

Anna Grzelec, PhD, Technology Management and Economics, Chalmers University

Christina Vildinge, Associate Researcher in Design, HDK-Valand

Elena Raviola, Professor in Design, HDK-Valand

Emma Björner, Researcher, Gothenburg Research Institute (GRI)

Erik Gustafsson, Visiting Research Fellow, Unit for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Eva Maria Jernsand, Researcher, Department of Business Administration

Gregor Noll, Professor, Department of Law

Helena Hansson, Doctoral student/Lecturer Design, HDK-Valand

Helena Kraff, Senior lecturer Design, HDK-Valand

Kajsa Lindberg, Professor in Management, Department of Business Administration

Maria José Zapata Campos, Researcher, Gothenburg Research Institute

Marta Gasparin, Associate Professor in Innovation and Design Management, University of Leicester

Matilda Arvidsson, Researcher, Department of Law

Otto von Busch, Associate Professor of Integrated Design, Parsons

Samantha Hookway, Lecturer in Design, HDK-Valand

Ulises Navarro, Postdoctor in Design, HDK-Valand