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Foto på Erik Gustafsson
Photo: Daniel Wigård

Erik Gustafsson receives the Wallander scholarship 2020


Erik Gustafsson is one of the recipient of the Wallander scholarship 2020. The scholarship is awarded by the foundation Jan Wallanders of Tom Hedelius stiftelse, and the recipients are young scholars who have received their PhD degree in the last year. The scholarship covers three years of research full-time, giving the recipients the possibility to further merit themselves as researchers in their early careers as academics.

Foto på Erik
Photo: Daniel Wirgård

Erik has been awarded the scholarship for a project called Fashioning a sustainable future? and will continue to build on the research carried out during his PhD studies, now with a more specific focus on sustainable change and development within creative industries, especially fashion. A key aspect is that of increasing the understanding for the role of varied types of knowledge and knowledge intensity for this type of change through entrepreneurship, not least in relation to the artistic and creative knowledge possessed by the designer.

- I am honored and extremely happy to be given the opportunity to continue to develop my research within a field that I am so passionate about, and I hope to be able to contribute to a greater understanding for artistic and creative knowledge as part of sustainable development, says Erik.

Erik Gustafsson received his PhD innovation, entrepreneurship and management of intellectual assets in November 2019 after successfully having defended his dissertation Fashioning a Knowledge Intensive Entrepreneur?. Since his defence, Erik has worked as a contract lecturer at the Unit for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Department of Economy and Society at the School of Business, Economics and Law, University of Gothenburg. As a Wallander scholar, Erik will continue to be affiliated with the Unit for Innovation and Entrepreneurship and the research network GOT KIES.