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University of Gothenburg


In the last years, it has become evident that global phenomena like climate change, the resurgence of extreme-right/alt-right movements and lately a global pandemic are challenging the way we design for and organize our society and the economy. Business and Design Lab fosters dialogue between disciplines – primarily artistic research and business studies – to understand and actively re-imagine the way we design our world.

Many different voices have pointed at the lack of imagination in the public sphere and at our current inability to imagine different desirable and credible futures, that are collectively shared. A lot of our imagined future is around “fantastic” or “catastrophic” possibilities of technologies, but what about new viable way we live and work together?

The interdisciplinary research aims at:

  • Developing new understandings of organizations, work and markets – the economy at large – and investigate alternative change paths to a sustainable society;
  • Improving our understanding of how work and markets are organized in creative and cultural industries, widely understood, as places of experimentation and societal transformation;
  • Investigating new ways of designing and organizing with digital technologies, including Artificial Intelligence.