Marie Demker


Department of Political Science
+46 31-786 45 99
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Sprängkullsgatan 19
41123 Göteborg
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Box 711
40530 Göteborg

About Marie Demker

I am professor in Political Science at Gothenburg university since 2004.

My research interests are comparative politics, international politics and research design and method. My work has a focus on European political parties, ideologies, value systems, public opinion and foreign policy.

Since thirty years I have had a research interest in nationalist parties and xenophobic opinions. The French Gaullist party was the object of my doctoral thesis and an overview is available in Changing Party Ideology. Gaullist Parties Facing Voters, Leaders and Competitors (Party Politics, 1997). Other publications in this field are Scandinavian right-wing parties: diversity more than convergence? (chapter, 2012 the book is available as electronic resource at the University Library, Gothenburg University), Racism, Xenophobia and Opposition to immigration in Sweden (chapter 2013), Room for relaignment. The working class sympathy for Sweden Democrats (article, 2014, with M Oskarson) and Media and the power of naming: An experimental study of racist, xenophobic and nationalist party labels (article 2016, with H Friberg-Fernros and J Martinsson)

I have also, since my doctoral research, a special interest in French politics. My most significant publication in this field is a book on Pierre Mendès France and the wars in Indochina and Algeria: National Identity and Colonial Power. Pierre Mendès France and the French Decolonization (2008, available as electronic resource at the University Library, Gothenburg University).

My latest article is From governmental success to governmental breakdown: how a new dimension of conflict tore apart the politics of migration of the Swedish centre-right (article 2021 with P. Odmalm)

I was Dean at the Faculty of Humanities during six full years 2017-2022. Between July 2012 and December 2016 I was Deputy Dean at the Faculty of Social Sciences.

I have written several books, articles and chapters and I am also a recurrent author of essays and reviews in Swedish press. For a list of my publications, research and teaching see the publication list and my CV at this site.