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41124 Göteborg
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About Sara Stendahl

While, Stendahl is acquainted with a wide range of areas within the general field of Public Law Studies, her field of expertise is Social Security Law and Administrative Justice, with particular focus on questions of legality and legitimacy, justice, social and human rights, legal certainty, inclusion/exclusion, legal pluralism and developments in the interface of private/public law.

Stendahl also works with legal theory and critical legal theory more generally, as well as research methodology. Her research has covered mainly the Swedish legal system, although comparative and international law aspects have been consistently relevant.

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Research areas

  • Social Security Law
  • Social Human Rights Law
  • Social Justice
  • Public Law
  • Law and Society

Teaching areas

  • Law and Society
  • Social Human Rights Law
  • Social Security Law
  • Clinical Legal Education
  • Social Law

Selected publications

Social otrygghet som värde - Den nya incitamentsbaserade sjukförsäkringen
Stendahl, Sara
Tidsskrift for Rettsvitenskap, :03-04, s. 296-332, 2015

Welfare state borders: On local initiatives to cater to the needs of destitute EU migrants in Swedish cities
Stendahl, Sara
Invisible Social Security Revisited. Essays in Honour of Jos Berghman, Leuven : Lannoo Campus Publishers, s. 161-174, 2014

To Reside: to live, be present, belong
Stendahl, Sara
European Journal of Social Security, 18:2, s. 232-245, 2016

Ensuring the Right to Education for Roma Children: an Anglo-Swedish Perspective
Harris, N., Ryffé, David, Scullion, L., Stendahl, Sara
International Journal of Law Policy and the Family, 31:2, s. 230-267, 2017

A Social Minimum for Whom? Making a Case for a Normative Pattern of Pragmatic Decency
Stendahl, Sara, Swedrup, Otto
in Kotkas,T. Leijten, I. and Pennings, F. (eds), Specifying and Securing a Social Minimum in the Battle Against Poverty, Oxford : Hart Publishing, s. 47-67, 2019