Henrik Friberg-Fernros

Senior Lecturer

Department of Political
+46 31-786 45 99
Visiting address
Sprängkullsgatan 19
41123 Göteborg
Room number
Postal address
Box 711
40530 Göteborg

About Henrik Friberg-Fernros

Areas of interest

Henrik Friberg-Fernros areas of interests are humanitarian intervention, bioethics, politics and religion and deliberative democracy. In research about humanitarian intervention he examines the preconditions to implement the responsibility to protect. In bioethics his research concerns the coherence of public policies and the application of the precautionary principle on abortion. With regard to religion and politics he focuses on the role for religious argument in the exercise of public power. Together with Johan Karlsson-Schaffer he has proposed a possible paradox in deliberative democracy: does agreement impede rational public discourse?

Current research

I am currently working in a project about deliberative democracy with Johan Karlsson Schaffer in which we explore what we call the consensus paradox, namely that achieving consensus might impede preconditions for future deliberation. I have just finished a project about religion and politics and ideal of secularity. My current research are focused on the metaphysical foundations of liberalism and the role of truth in liberal democracy.

Teaching and tutoring

• Responsible for course on advanced level in methodology (2006–2007). • Responsible for courses on advanced level in social studies (2010–2011). • Supervising theses on the basic level, and master thesis on advanced level in political science and social science, 2002–present. • Lecturer at courses in political science on advanced level, in qualitative methodology on advanced level, in social science courses on advanced level, and in courses program for teacher training, 2006-present.