Anne Farewell

Senior Lecturer

Department of Chemistry & Molecular
+46 31-786 25 99
Visiting address
Medicinaregatan 7 B
41390 Göteborg
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Postal address
Box 462
40530 Göteborg

About Anne Farewell

Research Antibiotic resistance is quickly becoming a global crisis with bacterial resistance spreading worldwide. The research in my group previously focused on bacterial gene regulation in general but I have now decided to focus my efforts on the problem of antibiotic resistance. Specifically, we are studying which genes influence the spread of antibiotic resistance genes through conjugation (horizontal gene transfer) with the aim of inhibiting this process. We have teamed up with others at GU to utilize new tools to study this process and are part of the Centre for Antibiotic Resistance (CARe) at GU.

Education I was named Excellent Teacher at GU in 2015 for my commitment to and activities in education, educational research and resource design. I’m particularly interested in active learning and course design that integrates our work as researchers with our undergraduate education.

I am course leader for three courses as well as lecturer in others:

  • BIO510 Prokaryotic Molecular Microbiology
  • HPE102 Higher Education Teaching in Natural Sciences
  • BIO001 The problem of antibiotic resistance

Outreach You can learn more about the problem of antibiotic resistance in an online course I have made available at

I also maintain a Microbiology news Twitter and Facebook account: Twitter and Facebook

Committees and other Activities

Founder Gothenburg Women Scientists ( or on Facebook

Steering Group, Centre for Antibiotic Resistance Research (CARe)

Chairperson, Working Group on Gender Equality at Natural Sciences