Anna Lyngfelt


Unit for Subject Matter Education with specialization in Swedish Education
Visiting address
Läroverksgatan 15
41120 Göteborg
Postal address
Box 300
40530 Göteborg

About Anna Lyngfelt

Anna Lyngfelt is a professor of subject didactics with a focus on Swedish at the Department of Pedagogical, Curricular and Professional Studies at the University of Gothenburg. She is a trained subject teacher in Swedish and English and an associate professor in literary studies. Her research focuses on didactics of literature, issues of democracy and aesthetic forms of expression in the subject of Swedish. Other research interests are language development work in multilingual classrooms and sustainability issues - see The research group she leads is called Bildung and Sustainability.

Her experience of teaching and supervising students at undergraduate and advanced level is extensive. Lyngfelt also has many years of experience of working as a teacher and supervisor in postgraduate education. Administratively, she has worked as director of studies, programme director and assistant head of department.