Robert Sjöberg


Department of Education and Special Education
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Västra Hamngatan 25
41117 Göteborg
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Box 300
40530 Göteborg

About Robert Sjöberg

Since 2009, I am a doctoral student at the 'doctoral school' for examined teachers within Centre for educational science and teacher research (CUL). I have my doctoral post at the Department of Education and Special Education and my project is performed within Pedagogical work with a special focus on quality in teacher-mediated assessment. During my PhD studies I am on unpaid leave of absence from the upper secondary school Sigrid Rudebecks gymnasium, where I in 2000 started my teaching career as a teacher of Swedish, German and rhetoric. My supervisors at the department are professor Jan-Eric Gustafsson and associate professor Britt-Marie Apelgren.

Research interests Research interests are assessment theory, teachers' assessment literacy and grade assignment, language assessment, quality of teachers' judgements – validity, reliability and interrater reliability theories as well as generalizability theory. Assessments are associated with several measurement errors, and recognition of these is central for a measurement approach to assessment. In the case of teacher-mediated assessments of performance, for example writing proficiency tests, many facets have to be taken into account. Focus in my doctoral thesis project is the phenomenon known as rater variability in the teacher-mediated assessments of writing proficiency. Theoretical assumptions are based on i.a. Messick's and Kane's validity definitions, Stemler's understanding of interrater reliability and Cronbach's et al. generalizability theory.

One of the main research questions is what role different sources of error have, that is factors (facets), for the judgment, such as the teacher (rater effect), rating scale and the complexity of the script itself. In the thesis issues of teachers’ assessment literacy in relation to quality of judgments are discussed from various angles.

Work-in-progress title: Fragility of assessments: empirical studies on validity and reliability in teacher-mediated assessments of writing proficiency

Teaching interests Alongside my doctoral studies, I teach and lecture on assessment theories, quality of assessments, grading and tests as well as language didactics and rhetoric within teacher training programs and separate courses. I am mainly working with courses developed and administrated by the group Assessment, evaluation, language. Other interests are learning theories, teacher profession and assignment.

Key words Pedagogical work; equity in assessment; performance assessment, writing assessment and language didactics; assessment theories; grade assignment and assessment literacy; test development, test theory and generalizability theory; rating scales and scoring rubrics; rater variability, validity, reliability and interrater reliability; absolute and relative errors of measurements; teacher profession, theories of expertise and practice.