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Om Stefania Galli

My research interests lie in the fields of social and economic inequality, institutions and development in Africa and the Caribbean.

My current research delves into long-terms inequality in a Caribbean slave plantation society. The project examines the persistence of wealth over the long-run and across some major institutional breaks, i.e. slave trade abolition and emancipation. The aim of the project is to assess whether slave plantation societies were actually more unequal than settler colonies as often claimed by scholars, despite very little evidence to support the claim.

My PhD dissertation studied the connection between social stratification, ideals and institutions in a black settler colony in the early nineteenth century. The major claim of the dissertation is that institutions, and consequently inequality, are neither the deterministic outcome of factor endowment nor are they the result of the settlement process in itself. Rather, I find that institutions can be heavily shaped by ideals and ideas to a much larger extent than so far argued in the scholarly debate.

I previously dealt with the effect of trade liberalization on GDP growth in post-colonial sub-Saharan Africa and on wage compensation or European skilled workers relocating to Africa in the late 18th century.

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  • Institutions, Colonialism and Slavery
  • Social and Economic Inequality
  • Gender and Occupational patterns
  • Trade and Development

Pågående forskning

  • Reversal of fortune or persistence of wealth? Institutions and wealth inequality in a Caribbean plantation economy, 1750s to 1917, 2019-01 - 2022-12


  • Trade and Development
  • Global Economic History
  • Research Methods and Quantitative Methods

Utvalda publikationer

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Galli, Stefania
The History of the Family, 2019

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Colonialism and rural inequality in Sierra Leone: an egalitarian experiment
Galli, Stefania, Rönnbäck, Klas
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Galli, Stefania, Rönnbäck, Klas
Economic history review, 2020