Amir Khorram-Manesh

Om Amir Khorram-Manesh


Associate professor of surgery, University lecturer in surgery with particular focus on disaster medicine and mass casualty management and trauma. I have been visiting professor at the State Emergency Services of Ukraine, Institution of civil protection and healthcare administration, Kyiv, Ukraine, University of Medical Sciences of Shiraz, Iran, National Institute of Emergency Medicine of Thailand, and Center of Excellence for Emergency Medicine, Mahidol University in Bangkok.

Research areas

Although my thesis dealt with Endocrine tumors, I have become more involved in Disaster and Emergency Medicine, Prehospital Medical Care, Mass Gathering, and Trauma. I have devoted part of my research to educational initiatives and Emergency Simulation Training.

Ongoing Projects

1- Flexible Surge Capacity is a concept dealing with creating personal and material resources within the community during a disaster or a major incident. This concept aims at many parts of society and enables the activation of existing opportunities. A designated researcher drives each piece of the project. a) Regional Capacity Evaluation (Master degree project). b) Alternative leadership, Public education, Hospital Evacuation as a model, Flight or Fight (Ph.D. project). c) Health professionals' educational needs assessment, Flight and Fight, The impact of Simulation training (Ph.D. project). d) Translational Triage Tool (Master Exam project). e) Ethical Perspectives in War and Disaster (Master Exam project).

2- Civilian-Military Collaboration and Total Defense Healthcare Development, including a book in Military Medicine, and ethical dilemmas in wars and disasters.

3- The development of Emergency Medicine in Thailand in collaboration with the National Institute for Emergency Medicine of Thailand. The book consists of various chapters presenting the past, current, and future pictures of Emergency Medicine in Thailand. This project aims to strengthen existing collaboration agreement between the universities of Gothenburg, and Mahidol, and the National Institute for Emergency Medicine in Thailand.

4- Hospital safety index, Hospital preparedness and staff willingness to work during major incidents and pandemics.

5- Public Health Emergencies, including Pandemics

Current Ph.D. students

Mohammed Al Sultan (King Khaled University, Saudi Arabia)

Phatthranit Phattharapornjaroen (Mahidol University, Thailand)

Current Collaboration

1- Eric Carlström, Gothenburg University

2- GEMREG (Gothenburg Emergency Medicine REsearch Group)

3. Krzysztof Goniewicz, Aviation University, Poland

4. Frederick Burkle Jr, Harvard University, USA

5- Attila J. Hertelendy, Georgetown University, USA

6- Jarle Løwe Sørensen, University of South Eastern Norway, Norway

7. Prasit Wuthisuthimethawee, Prince Songkla University, Thailand

8. Jamie Ranse, Menzies Health Institute Queensland, Griffith University, Queensland, Australia

9. Lesley Grey, Joint Centre for Disaster Research, New Zealand

10. RADEM (Research Alliance in Disaster and Emergency Medicine)


Deputy Editor Disaster Medicine Public Health Preparedness

Associate Editor BMC Public Health

Academic Editor Sustainability