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Entrepreneurship (KBE) students visit Gore and Brewhouse

Visiting companies and incubators is an important way for our entrepreneurship students to learn from other entrepreneurs and develop networks. They had two study visits this week, as part of 'Knowledge Intensive Entrepreneurship', a course run by Professor McKelvey.

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One visit was to W. L. Gore Scandinavia. In addition to Gore Tex, they have an enormous portfolio of materials based upon polytetrafluoroethylene, which they apply to products for arious industries such as confection, automotive, telecom and biomaterial industries etc. The KBE students attended in three break-out groups where employees together with the CEO, Gunnar Carlsson, described and displayed several of the areas of applications of the technology.

Another visit was to Brewhouse, which is a Gothenburg based incubator. Brewhouse is particularly interesting, as they specialize in entrepreneurial ventures in the cultural industries.