Bild från forskningsprojektet.
Foto: Tyrone Martinsson

Extended Rephotography: immersive visualization of climate change

Pågående forskning
2020 - pågående

Kort beskrivning

A three year interdisciplinary visual based project on climate change collaborating with Visual Arena - Lindholmen Science Park in Gothenburg developing Extended Reality (XR) technologies based on 180° video for 3D views and virtual reality applications.

We use environmental rephotography as a research method.

We work on the hypothesis that by comparing and contextualize our work with an empirical approach to our research we can arrive at a better understanding of the connectedness of the cause and effect of climate change.

We extend traditional re-photography with advances of 3D-views in high resolution video where XR technologies offer a new capacity to link the historical with the contemporary in a very direct way allowing immersive passages of time for observing effects of a climate in transition.

Video (13:21)
Akademisk kvart: Arktis smältande glaciärer