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Photo: Tyrone Martinsson

Extended Rephotography: immersive visualization of climate change

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2020 - ongoing
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A three year interdisciplinary visual based project on climate change collaborating with Visual Arena - Lindholmen Science Park in Gothenburg developing Extended Reality (XR) technologies based on 180° video for 3D views and virtual reality applications.

A transdisciplinary project based on collaborative research. The focus is on the glacial environment in northwest Svalbard. The core of the project is using Extended Reality (XR) technologies for field based visualizations and research analysis, documentation and communication of research results. Together with Visual Arena Lindholmen, Gothenburg, we develop techniques and methods for using 360° immersive film, 180° stereo film and photogrammetry via drones for 3D works as well as expanded repeat photography. In collaboration with Universeum in Gothenburg we develop immersive applications of an Arctic experience for a general public as well as researchers aimed for the dome (to be opened late spring 2023). We are interested in developing and investigate the possibilities for Virtual Remote Research (VRR) based on the immersive experiences created from field based recordings. The works aimed for the public is focused on storytelling and visualization using a wide range of historical data and on going research as a collaboration between several disciplines and institutions.

Based on field work results from summer 2022 the project have expanded. Here we collaborate with Universeum (Lena Pareto professor pedagogics). The project is further a pilot project for the VR-financed InfraVis project led by Chalmers (Monica Billger professor architecture and visualization) where we also collaborate with Digital Humanities (docent Jonathan Westin). For VRR applications we have two pilots, one in collaboration with Jonathan Westin on the reconstruction of the Andrée balloon house at Danskøya Svalbard and the other with Heidi Morstang artist and assistant professor at University of Plymouth.

The project is a collaboration between; University of Gothenburg, Norwegian Polar Institute, Visual Arena Lindholmen, Universeum, University of Plymouth.