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University of Gothenburg
Mussel industry in Sweden.
Photo: Lars Lanhed

Aquaculture industry in West Sweden

There are a number of quaculture industries in West Sweden, which farm for example blue mussels, oysters and sea squrts.

KosterAlg AB
KosterAlg is a newly established company offering eco-certified macroalgae (mainly kelp) cultivated on the Swedish west coast. KosterAlg is owned and operated by marine biologists.

Scanfjord Mollösund AB
Swedens largest producer of blue mussels (Mytilus edulis). Farming predominantely in Bohuslän.

Smögenlax AB
Development of landbased RAS-production of salmon (Salmo salar) in Kungshamn.

Orust Shellfish AB
Producer of mussels and oysters around Orust and Lysekil. Combines farming with touristic activities.

Ostrea Aquaculture AB
The only commercial oyster hatchery in Sweden for marketing of spat to farmers in Bohuslän and around Europe. Also cultivation of microalgae.

Bohus Havsbruk
Develops novel technologies for farming of mussels and oysters in Bohuslän.

Musselfeed AB
The company has an industrial process for extracting valuable products from mussels for use in animal feed.

Marin Biogas AB
Culture and harvest of ascidians as a novel clean-tech concept. The produced biomass yields a renewable energy source in the form of biogas.

Production of warm water prawns in closed landbased culture systems, based on the well-known method "biofloc". Based in Uppsala and Lysekil.

Bröderna Klemmings Dykhjälp AB
Dive operators and fisheries (by diving) of the European oyster (Ostrea edulis). Management of oyster habitats along the coast between Lysekil – Strömstad.

Everts sjöbod
Safaris and fishing tours for oysters, lobsters, mackerel and much more outside Grebbestad. Also a restaurant and lodge.

Collects and sells wild-caught seaweed from Bohuslän. Workshops, seaweed safaris and seminars are also offered.

Swedish Algae Factory
Produces microalgae (diatoms) through recycling of wastewater nutrients for use as feed ingredients or for the production of energy and materials in combination with fertilizer production.

Lantfisk AB
Landbased RAS-production of freshwater fish species (Clarias sp) and development of sustainable feed for farming.

Lysekils ostron och musslor
Small-scale farming of mussels and oysters in combination with seafood safaris.

Karingo AB
Oysterbar, fishing tours and small-scale farming of flat oysters. Also a restaurant and lodge

Saltea Seafood AB
Farming and sale of mussels and oysters from Scandinavia. 

Tjärnö vattenbruk
Farming of blue mussels outside Strömstad

Mussel expeditions and restaurant in Ljungskile in middle of Bohuslän.

Antens laxodling
Producers of rainbow trout smolt.

Pond Fish and Greens AB
Pond Fish and Greens have developed, built and run several fish farms in urban context in
Sweden. Often combined with vegetables – aquaponics.