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Här har vi samlat vattenbrukets intresseorganisationer och offentliga aktörer.
Photo: Erika Sundell

Aquaculture associations and public actors

Here we give examples of organisations and networks, whom work to promote sustainable development of aquaculture. There are also a number of public actors involved in aquaculture both state/regional and non-governmental. In addition to these, the municipal players are also of great importance, especially regarding permits, environmental issues, coastal zone planning and the promotion of aquaculture.

Aquaculture associations

Fiskekommunerna is a network where nine municipalities and the Region Västra Götaland cooperate for the sustainable development of Bohuslän's fishing industry. Fiskekommunerna interact with various stakeholders in the fishing industry and build knowledge and influence processes and frameworks relevant to the marine environment, commercial fishing and aquaculture. The network is made up of local politicians and business counsellors and should be a positive force in support of new and existing businesses in fisheries and aquaculture.

Nordic Network on Aquaculture Recirculating Systems
The network's goal is to coordinate and strengthen research and development of recirculating aquaculture systems in the Nordic countries. The network is funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers.

Samförvaltning Norra Bohuslän
A fishermen’s association engaged in local co-management of the prawn and Norway lobster fishing in Northern Bohuslän (Strömstad and Tanum’s municipalities). The initiative consists of local expertise (fishermen, scientists and municipal officials), as well as officials from the provincial government and the Swedish Agency for marine and water management.

Svensk Skaldjursodling Producentorganisation (Swedish shellfish farming producer organisation)
The shellfish growers association organizes the farmers and fishermen of oysters and mussels in order to promote the economic interests by representing the members in authority issues, such as issues relating to the coordination and development of toxin control, licensing, etc.

Matfiskodlarna (Food fish farmers)
Matfiskodlarna is an industry organisation for companies that farm food fish.

Nationellt Kompetenscentrum för Vattenbruk (NKfV)
NKfV is a strategic collaborative body for long-term development of aquaculture with a focus on knowledge based information and communication. NKfV is run and financed by the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), and the University of Gothenburg (GU).

Svenskt vattenbruk och sjömat (Swedish aquaculture and seafood)
Svenskt vattenbruk och sjömat is an industry association for companies that farm or harvest wild mussels, oysters, algae, etc. The association also includes companies that process raw materials
and those that convey knowledge in form of events (and similar).

Landsbygdsnätverket (The Swedish Rural Network)
The Rural Network is a platform to gather and engage rural actors in Sweden. We are a membership based network and the members are representing various organisations and authorities which are important for the development of the activities and companies based in rural and coastal areas.

De recirkulerande vattenbrukarna (The Recirculating Aquaculturalists)
The Association's purpose is to promote the member's financial interests by increasing member's financial return from sustainable recirculating aqauculture.

Sveriges havsodlares producentorganisation (Sweden's ocean farmers producer organisation)
The Association's purpose is to promote the members financial interests by organising and supporting the member's aquaculture activities.

Hushållningssällskapet is a non-profit association, meeting place, and a unifying force for all the Sweden's Hushållningssällskap.

Ostronakademien (Oyster Academy)
It is a non-profit association for all oyster enthusiasts. The purpose is to take advantage of our wonderful Swedish oysters full potential as well as support and enthuse oyster lovers, restaurateurs, fishermen, suppliers, divers and researchers.

Svenska Hummerakademien (Swedish Lobster Academy)
Hummerakademien promotes interest and knowledge in the lobster's living conditions and takes an active part in activities that increase the stock.

Musselakademien (Mussel Academy)
The overall purpose of Musselakademien  is to take advantage of the potential of the mussels in Bohuslän. From marketing value to the development of new products and the mussel ability to improve water quality.

Sjömatsfrämjandet (Promotion of seafood)
The purpose of Sjömatsfrämjandet is to promote long-term, great development of seafood in the broadest sense.

Vattenbrukscentrum Norr AB (Aquaculture Centre North)
Vattenbrukscentrum Norr AB is a company in the service of research and industry.

Vattenbrukscentrum Ost (The East Regional Aquaculture Centre)
Vattenbrukscentrum Ost is a non-profit organisation aiming to facilitate the transfer of information between research and industry, and to educate and advise interested parties on aquaculture. They aid in the establishment of land-based fish farming in Eastern and Southern Sweden, as well as shellfish and algal culture in the Baltic Sea.

Svinesundskommittén (The Svinesund Committee)
Svinesundskommittén is a political collaboration between Swedish and Norwegian municipalities. The purpose is to create new opportunities for business, jobs and development in the region.

Marint Gränsforum Skagerrak
Marint gränsforum Skagerrak will enable increased business development in the Skagerrak. Through cross-border collaboration and a transdisciplinary approach, Skagerrak will be strengthened as a viable environment and a blue growth region. The project will lead to meeting places both politically and administratively.

Public actors - governmental agencies

Västra Götalandsregionen
Region Västra Götaland is a funder and works closely together with SWEMARC in the framework of the maritime strategy for Västra Götaland. The region promotes aquaculture development through investments in development projects and through a commitment to marine environmental issues.

Länsstyrelsen - County Administrative Board of Västra Götaland
Fisheries legislation specifies the conditions for the establishment of fish, crayfish and mussel farms, and it is the provincial government that gives permission. The Board may also give applicants advice on the location and condition at an establishment. The County Administrative Board is responsible for the supervision and control of aquaculture businesses in the county.

Jordbruksverket – Swedish Board of Agriculture
The Board of Agriculture is the Government's expert authority in matters of agri-food policy, and is responsible for the agricultural and horticultural sectors as well as fisheries and aquaculture.

Havs och vattenmyndigheten - Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management
The Agency is responsible for managing and implementing environmental policies in issues of conservation, restoration and sustainable use of lakes, rivers and seas. This includes sustainable management of fisheries resources and aquaculture.

Livsmedelsverket – National Food Agency
The Food Agency is the competent authority regarding the promotion of healthy dietary habits, safe foods and fair practices in the food trade.

Statens veterinärmedicinska anstalt - National Veterinary Institute
The National Veterinary Institute strives for good animal and human health, a good environment and sustainable food production.


Public actors - non-governmental organisations

Naturskyddsföreningen – Swedish Society for Nature Conservation
The society's mission is to influence policy makers on sustainable environmental issues including fisheries and aquaculture management.


Världsnaturfonden – World Wildlife Fund