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An important part of SWEMARC is to collaborate with stakeholders by: implementing research results within the aquaculture industry for feedback to aquaculture actors; summarize and disseminate research results and contribute to increased knowledge of the role of aquaculture in society; collaborate with actors in business development, regional and municipal authorities, and aquaculture associations; initiate and run collaborative projects.

Cooperate with aquaculture actors

The aquaculture sector in Sweden consist of a variety of small or medium-sized businesses conducting various forms of fish, shellfish and algal farming. Some of these are one-person businesses and others are carried out as secondary activities (bisysslor) often in combination with touristic events.

The sector is subject to many different laws, regulations and rules. Several different agencies at the municipal, regional and national level are responsible for different elements of this.

In addition to the companies and agencies, there are also non-governmental organizations related to aquaculture.

We are keen to get in touch with more cooperation partners. 

Cooperate with us!

An important part of SWEMARC activities is to cooperate with various stakeholders in order to:

Implement research results to the stakeholders in aquaculture

Summarize and disseminate research, and contribute to increased knowledge about the significance of aquaculture in society

Interact with stakeholders in innovation and business development, such as the Maritime cluster in West Sweden, Aquaculture Centre North AB, Aquaculture Centre East, regional and municipal bodies