University of Gothenburg
SWEMARC:s forskningsområden

SWEMARC Research Areas

The research within SWEMARC is organised into six highly integrated Research Areas (RA) to address key problems that currently limit the sustainable development of mariculture (marine aquaculture).

Six integrated Research Areas

The concept of carrying capacities and the current public opinion (RA1) will set the framework for the question-driven research areas in which focus will be on legal and societal conflicts (RA2), farming systems with strong barriers for low or positive environmental impact and nutrient remediation (RA3), novel marine feeds derived from circular farming systems, assuring high health, welfare and quality without impacting wild fish populations (RA4), and consumer perception of mariculture products along with development of future products and markets (RA5). The holistic approach to a sustainable expansion of marine aquaculture will be to evaluate the ecological, economical and societal impacts of the combined research outcomes and present strategies and guidelines for concrete actions (RA6).