University of Gothenburg

European and Comparative Constitutional Law Research Cluster

The cluster consists of researchers interested in the law and theory of EU law, ECHR law, comparative constitutional law, comparative law, and cross-legal matters more broadly.

The cluster has strong ties to the Law school’s teaching area groups (ämnesgrupper) and has as its specific task advancing research related to EU law, ECHR, and comparative law matters. The cluster organizes discussion groups (e.g. an EU law discussion group) as well as regular conferences and workshops.

The cluster has also close links to international research projects at the GU. For example, the EU Horizon-funded consortium HRJust project (HRjust) is coordinated in the Law Department and with one of the work packages (WP 3) hosted in the Law Department as well. In addition, the cluster has close ties with the interdisciplinary Centre for European Studies (CERGU) as well as to the European study program at GU. In addition, the cluster has collaboration with the Swedish Network of European Legal Studies. 


There are several advanced LLM courses that are related to the cluster and taught by our members. For example, the following courses:

  • EU Constitutional Law, HRS 312
  • Area of Freedom, Security and Justice and Introduction to Comparative Constitutional Law, HRS 193
  • EU procedural law HRS085


The cluster organizes seminars and conferences. All faculty members are welcome to participate in our cluster. The events are, in general, open to the public.

Upcoming events

Upcoming and past events related to EU or/and comparative constitutional law:

Fall 2023

November 6th: Criminal law seminar jointly organized with the International Politics Seminar

November 22nd: EU Law Discussion Group

December 8th: Criminal Law Symposium

Date tbc - Sweden and the European Public Prosecutor’s Office, criminal law group

Past events

CERGU and EU law discussion group (venue and time tbc), Prof Grahn-Farley & Prof Herlin-Karnell , HR Just. October 17th.

Rome, HR Just meeting WP3, October 27th.

Workshop: dimensions of autonomy in national and EU criminal law, 29th November 2022, criminal law group

Conference: (Eutopia) International Law in Context (co-organized with partner universities), Gothenburg 8 Nov 2022

15-16 September 2022, Privatization and Coercion: On Legitimate Authority, Markets and Criminal Law in the EU and Transnational Contexts

23 March 2022 The Russian war in Ukraine and the role of the EU

EU Law Discussion Group

2021-03-25 - EU law discussion group - Dr Aravind Ganesh, "Rightful Relations with Distant Strangers Kant, the EU, and the Wider World" (Book launch)

2021-04-14 - EU law discussion group Prof Poul F Kjaer, Copenhagen Business School, ”The Transnational Constitution of National Social Market Economies: A Question of Constitutional Imbalances?”

2021-05-12 - EU law discussion group: Jan Komárek, University of Copenhagen, ’European constitutional imaginaries: From legitimacy to ideology’

2021-05-20 - EU law discussion group - Dr Thomas Horsley, University of Liverpool, “The Court of Justice of the European Union as an Institutional Actor“

2021-09-29 - EU Law Discussion Group - Cecilia Malmström

2021-10-13 - EU Law Discussion Group - Martin Sunnqvist & Xavier Groussot

2021-11-04 - EU Law Discussion Group - Violeta Moreno-Lax

2021-11-10 - EU Law Discussion Group - Carl-Fredrik Bergström & Magnus Strand

2021-11-29 - EU Law Discussion Group - Leandro Mancano

2021-12-17 - EU law discussion group - Mar Jimeno Bulnes

2022-09-28 - EU Law Discussion Group

2022-10-19 - EU Law Discussion Group

2022-11-03 - EU Law Discussion Group

2022-11-09 - EU Law Discussion Group

2023-01-12 - EU Law Discussion Group