University of Gothenburg

AI and Law

Welcome to AI and Law, a growing research environment at the Department of Law.

We run a number of research or teaching projects focusing on the way technological innovations in the fields of AI and digitalization challenge the law. Legal scholarship is where we are grounded, yet our work could not be done without close ties to colleagues from numerous other disciplines.

Here is a selection of joint projects:

  • Professor Fleur Johns (UNSW Sydney) will guest us as a VPP-professor during AY 2021/22.
  • A new elective course on AI and law has been launched.
  • The first Swedish-language textbook on AI, digitalization and the law is under publication.
  • We have secured funding for a five-year project on AI, the Social Contract and Democracy, with three new positions to be advertised. The project is financed by WASP-HS.