KRIT - Critical Theories

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The Department of Education and Special Education, University of Gothenburg

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KRIT has as its main focus the complex issue of power relations, subjectivity formation and democratic participation in educational institutions and how this relates to structures such as gender, social class and ethnicity. Theoretically, the group works from a critical tradition. Critical ethnography and policy research, e.g. policy ethnography, has been substantial within the group as a whole and in particular in the work of some individuals.

The research conducted by the group is characterized by a strong interest in power processes and democratic socialization in educational institutions in relation to the structural conditions of society and group resources. Empirically, the shifting character of higher education as well as the effects of school marketization have often been in focus in recent studies.


Active research

Education and integration of newly arrived migrants in rural areas, Swedish Research Council (2019–2022). Main applicant Elisabet Öhrn, KRIT. Co-applicants from KRIT: Dennis Beach and Monica Johansson. 6M SEK.
The Geek as gatekeeper? Changing relations between gender, race and technology, Swedish research council (2019-2022). Main applicant: Eva Silfver, Umeå University. Co-applicant Andreas Ottemo, KRIT. 5,9M SEK.
Critical education in vocational subjects? Civic knowledge in vocational programmes, policy documents and classroom practice, Swedish research council (2016-2020). Main applicant: Per-Åke Rosvall, Umeå University. Co-applicant Mattias Nylund, KRIT. 5,9M SEK.
Gender and class perspectives on students´ choice of higher education institutions and graduates´ choice of job location, Swedish Research Council (2013-2019). Main applicant: Caroline Berggren, KRIT. 8,3M SEK. Reported July 2019.
Going global, Swedish research council (2019-2021). Main applicant: Linda Rönnberg, Umeå University. Co-applicant Ann-Sofie Holm, KRIT. 4,5M SEK.

Lärares tolkning och tillämpning av läroplan och andra styrdokument i komvux. Skolverket (2020-2022). Main applicant: Andreas Fejes and Per Andersson, Linköpings universitet. Co-applicant from KRIT: Mattias Nylund