Anna-Maria Fjellman

Senior Lecturer

Department of Education and Special
Visiting address
Västra Hamngatan 25
41117 Göteborg
Room number
A3 316
Postal address
Box 300
40530 Göteborg

About Anna-Maria Fjellman

I finished my dissertation in 2019 and the title is: School choice, space and the geography of marketization- Analyses of educational restructuring in upper secondary education in Sweden. Originally, I have a background as a teacher in Swedish and Social studies for upper secondary school although I've primarly worked in adult education. I also attended the International Master programme in Educational Research (IMER).

My PhD studies were a part of the research project: CHANCE - Changes in educational policy for Swedish upper secondary school during two decades: Consequences for distribution of school resources, recruitment and outcomes. I was responsible for the first subproject and focused on mapping out school markets in Sweden and investigating the consequences of free school choice over time. Analyzing determinants of student mobilities and re-distributions of educational provisions over time was an important part of the analysis, which was based on register data from Gothenburg Longitudinal Database (GOLD).

My research interests include marketization, school choice, school markets, space, mobility, spatial analysis and investigating structural patterns and changes in educational opportunities and consequences for equity in the Swedish school system.

Current projects:

  • School, learning and mental health: determinants, consequences and prevention of school failure. Project leader is Jan- Eric Gustafsson.
  • On the Outskirts of the School and Residential Market. Choice of Upper Secondary Education among Immigrant Families inEthnically and Socioeconomically Heterogeneous Residential Areas. Project leader is Håkan Forsberg, Uppsala University.

Previous projects:

  • Nordic Multiagency Approaches to Handling Extremism: Policies, Perceptions and Practices (2018-2021). Project leader is Tore Björgo, University of Oslo.
  • EUTOPIA. Investigator "Barrier & Enablers" - Workpackage 2, Education.

I belong to the research environments FUR - Prerequisites, Education, and Outcomes and KRIT.