University of Gothenburg
Researcher in lab
Photo: Anna-Lena Lundqvist

Our research

At the Department of Physics, cutting-edge research is conducted within a number of exciting topics. Our researchers study things like nanomagnets, extremely strong lasers, AI for active matter, horses in space, just to name a few. The research targets areas on energy, power and matter for a sustainable world.

Energy, power and matter for a sustainable world

Spanning from atomic and molecular physics, nano-materials and biophysics to complex systems and the physics of condensed matter, the research at the Department of Physics covers a wide range of areas. The researchers take a physical sciences approach addressing several of the major challenges that our world is facing today regarding sustainable energy, conducting pioneering research and close collaborations.

Here, we have divided our research based on questions surrounding sustainable energy and matter, with each of the questions in turn divided into sub-areas with our research groups. Projects that fall outside of these areas are gathered under “Other research activities”.

Photo: Julia Sjöberg

How do we harness energy?

The answer is the fundamental and applied studies of light-matter interaction, including light harvesting, and tailor-made materials, utilizing among other design approaches extensively with artificial intelligence (AI).

How much energy do we need?

The cues we provide are in the studies of the energy balance in systems from atoms and ions to complex systems comprising nanomaterials and biomolecular matter to larger climate and ecosystems.

How do we smartly use energy?

We bring forward energy-efficient next-generation electronics, spintronics and nanophotonics, including hardware and software for (quantum) machine learning and quantum computing, for the systems that will become in the nearest future more embedded, sophisticated, versatile, pervasive and autonomous.