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Examined PhD:s

Over the years, our department has contributed ground-breaking and exciting research results to the world of physics. This page provides a list of every person who has completed their doctoral studies and defended their thesis at the Department of Physics.

Photo: Malin Arensson


Måns Wallner 2024-04-26
Formation and Decay of Multiply-Charged Molecules upon Single-Photon Excitation” 

Julia Karls 2024-04-25
Binding Energies and Lifetimes in Negative Ions


Laura Pérez García 2023-10-12
Advanced methods for the calibration of optical tweezers

Annie Ringvall Moberg 2023-05-05
Spectroscopy of Stable and Radioactive Negative Ions

Anshuman Dubey 2022-02-14
Dynamics of particles in fluids: effects of correlations and interactions

Johan Fries 2022-02-09
Mixing and Evaporation at the Cloud Edge and Angular Dynamics of Small Crystals in Viscous Flow

Photo: Malin Arensson


Pontus Andersson 2009-05-29
Laser Photodetachment of Negative Ions - Fundamental Research and Applications

Emma Eriksson 2009-04-29
Towards quantitative single cell analysis using optical tweezers and microfluidics

Peter Klason 2008-06-03
Zinc Oxide Bulk and Nanorods

Vasse Chis 2008-05-23
First-Principles Studies of Surface Phonons and Electronic Properties of Clean and Alkali Covered Metals

Martin Jönsson 2007-03-23
Investigations of Plasma-Enhanced CVD Growth of Carbon Nanotubes and Potential Applications

Photo: Malin Arensson
Photo: Malin Arensson


Zachary Ghadir Chiragwandi 2006-06-05
Design, Fabrication and Characterization of Electrochemical Devices

Petter Linde 2005-11-08
Quantum Scattering of Atoms and Molecules from Low-Index Copper Surfaces

Martin Hedén 2005-05-27
Optical Excitation and Decay Dynamics of Fullerenes

Rainer Heise 2005-05-27
Application of Matrix Models and Spin Chains to Gauge Theories

Jaeuk Kim 2005-04-26
Nonequilibrium Transport in Quantum Wires

Syargey Prasalovich 2005-05-27
Properties of Rare Gas Clusters and Cluster-Surface Impact